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"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts"


Holistic medicine 

Medical herbalists treat the 'whole person'. As well as your diet, lifestyle, sleep habits and medical history, we talk about your hobbies, relationships, what you do for fun and what makes you tick. We also assess your individual constitution and prescribe herbs accordingly. 

Why? Because the body is not simply a collection of individual parts. All body systems interact with each other in complex ways to bring about overall health, so they all need addressing together when treating illness. 

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Meet Poppy 

Poppy believes in safe, accessible, professional natural health care. She aims to empower patients to take matters of health into their own hands, giving them the confidence and resources they need to do so. Poppy's passion for people and keen eye for detail, combined with her university education in herbal medicine and 7 years' clinical experience has equipped her with the knowledge and skills to deliver a truly personalised healthcare service.

Plants as medicine

Herbal medicine, or phytotherapy ('phyto' meaning plant), believes in using nature to heal nature. The human body has an intrinsic intelligence and ability to heal itself, given the right conditions are present for recovery. This is why herbal treatment begins with the plants we eat as food - herbalists aim to correct any nutritional deficiencies which may be contributing to ill health as a first priority.  


The herbs themselves, prescribed as tinctures, teas, powders or topical preparations, contain an enormous array of chemicals that work together to subtly nudge human physiology towards self-correction, and promote good health. 

Glenn Harrold, Hypnotherapist and Author (2021)

I wholeheartedly recommend Poppy.
Like all good therapists she listens to you, has great intuition and knows how to get to the root of problems. She then uses her broad knowledge of herbs to correct imbalances. Herbalism is a brilliant therapy and Poppy is one of the very best in her field.


Are you looking for a different perspective on your health?

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