Laura Newman, Burgau (2017)

Poppy was professional and a joy to be with. She helped me with a severe skin issue and was ready to help me with my daughter when an issue arose. I have recommended to her to several of my clients already!


Leonor Grave, Praia da Luz (2017)

A Poppy é uma terapeuta completa, sempre disponível e na qual podemos confiar. Ajudou me a mim e a minha mãe a recuperar o equilíbrio e saúde.


Lisa Longhurst, Lagos (2017)

I went to Poppy to boost my immune system as I was feeling on a rollercoaster of constantly catching illnesses caused by grief and stress.  Within a week of taking the medicine prescribed by Poppy I felt noticeably better and I have not been sick since.  Poppy is compassionate, professional and attentive to your needs and I would recommend her to anyone who is open to doing something beyond medicine.


Sonia Bruce, Lagos (2018)

Poppy investigated all aspects of my health in order to decide for a treatment (long-term anxiety that had started to get out of hand). After a first 2 weeks treatment with a delicious herbal preparation, i was already feeling so much calmer... Poppy suggested to just go on with the same mix for 4 weeks. Since then i feel free from all troubles! I really recommend a visit for any issue. Poppy is a competent, friendly, and reliable therapist.


Shaini Verdon, Aljezur (2018)

Poppy's patience, insight, intuitive perception and real understanding of her patients actual needs, together with her professionalism, herbal knowledge, care, love and support, is a joy to receive.


Keris Marsden, UK (2019)

I'm a nutritional therapist so I can spot a good practitioner when I see one. Poppy was excellent, very attentive and detailed in her assessment of my symptoms and put together a herbal blend to help me with some digestive issues I picked up whilst travelling. Worth every penny!!


Paloma Schwarz, Switzerland (2019)

I've met Poppy a couple of years ago. The doctors had diagnosed me with PCO syndrome and Haschimoto. My period was very irregular at that time and the doctors said that it would be very difficult for me to get pregnant without taking artificial hormones. Having heard that these hormones have strong side effects I decided to see a medical herbalist and I had the great fortune to meet Poppy. Her great knowledge and passion about herbs helped me to regulate my hormones and only 10 months later I became pregnant with my beautiful baby girl. I would recommend Poppy to anyone who is looking for a professional, dedicated, yet humorous herbalist.


Natascha Hunt, Burgau (2019)

It is great working with Poppy, she takes time to get to know you and really cares. She is very knowledgeable and has a holistic approach, which I love. I recommend Poppy unreservedly.


Janina Kainberger, Austria (2020)

Poppy is very kind, with a lot of empathy and deeper understanding and she patiently listens to really get to the cause of the problem. In my case, she helps me very much with some issue I used to have many years. Like almost immediately it got better. Im so happy and grateful for that. Thank you so much!


Ana Costa, Aljezur (2020)

Procurei a Poppy porque tinha dificuldade em engravidar e já tentava há muito tempo. Na consulta, a Poppy fez uma colheita de dados exaustiva sobre a minha saúde e deu-me várias estratégias para melhorar a fertilidade, inclusivé a nível da alimentação e preparou um medicamento específico para mim tendo em conta todos os dados que tinha colhido. O meu marido foi também na consulta seguinte de forma a ser incluído no processo. Contra todas as expectativas, engravidei no mês seguinte!! Durante a gravidez também procurei a Poppy para me preparar para o parto e depois para o pós-parto com o auxílio da ervas. A Poppy é uma terapeuta holística muito perfeccionista e com imensos conhecimentos na área da saúde da mulher o que é uma mais valia para o nosso bem-estar e auto-conhecimento enquanto mulheres. Tudo correu bem e hoje tenho um lindo menino com 9 meses! Gratidão pelo teu amoroso trabalho Poppy